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September 13, 2008



The thing is dating sux, what sux more is the search for finding someone to date because that leads to dating multiple people which is the worst!

What happens is you end up asking the same ‘get to know someone’ questions and getting the stock answers which you know you’re going to forget if for no other reason because you’re going to ask the same questions next evening to someone else.

Then you have the whole no one is really themselves when you first meet them thing and that renders the afore mentioned questions and answers useless thats why they call it game

Because thats all youre playing the let me try to impress you game

Try to convince you Im not trying to smash while trying to smash game

Try to convince you I dont want you to buy me things while pointing out things I like game

And after you play the game and you both win you wind up hating the game because you thought you were the only playing.

Dating is not a one player game.

When someone is said to have game they do or say the right things to impress or attract multiple members of the opposite sex.

The problem with game is most are delusional enough to think its a one player game that whatever theyre doing or saying is fooling or tricking another person to get what they want.

People are stupid.  puahahahahaha

  • DivineLavender

    I love the “not trying to smash” while acting like you ain’t “trying to smash”. LMAO. The thing is we all know it but “act” like we are stupid. I found out by calling every man Baby. That way I don’t call them by the wrong name. Lucky for me now I have dated some Latin and African men as of late. Now I can call them by their country and that helps. But I was up a river with a bunch of Troy’s, Jerome’s, and Man-Man’s, Twan’s, Ray’s, and finally the Craig’s…sistah had a rough time. Whew!

  • Keli

    That’s why I don’t date. I make friends…some friends make it past this stage…others don’t. When you are someones friend, you tend to meet their true self. It eliminates the bs…for the most part. I don’t think its possible to build a relationship when you don’t start as friends, and every relationship I’ve had (all 3) has been long-term.

  • Sarccastik The Invincible

    i got stripes in the dating game…(even though i been out 5 yrs)….

  • januari

    I agree, I hate games..but you know if your honest with people and not play a game they consider you confusing or weird or boring…therefore you stay single…cause even the ones who say they are not looking for playing games do the same thing.

  • tenacious

    *lol* interesting way to look at dating…

  • Stephen Bess

    Just as the prophet Johnnie Taylor once asked, “Who’s making love to your old lady while you was out making love?” 🙂

  • MIssy

    I hate dating!!!It feels like im going on a job interview. MEn and women look at dates differently. SOMe chicks look at it as Im getting a free meal, or whatever they do on a date and the mans like yah im gonna hit that. Some ppl view each DATE as a potential for a relationship. BUt int he end, u know somebody is gonna leave empty handed. I hate going on a date and knowing im viewed as a sexual object. Thinking the more/less money they spend, the more imma give up the goods. Newsflash, it dont matter how much dough u do/dont spend, in the end its all up to ME!!!! I wish I could just settle down with one man who takes me on dates and at the end we come back to the crib and smash.

  • miss ahmad

    i must be a different breed because i like dating. i like getting to know someone. i like being able to put on a dress and look pretty or to cook a good meal for someone set the table. it’s sometimes awkward but i think it’s supposed to be. we shouldn’t get too comfortable with strangers too soon that leads to major trouble in my experience.

    all those awkward and clumsy moments can pay off in a big way!

  • urban butterfly

    I feel you on this one!

  • TiaStyle

    Miss Ahmad, that’s cuz you’re the social butterfly, honey!! 😉 😀

    Me? I hate dating. I don’t date at all. Period. I used to try to go out with guys simply for potential friendships, but no matter how I keep it light, they usually end up caught up and mad at me because I soon sense they want more than a simple friendship and wind up ignoring their phone calls and requests to spend time together like we’re trying to be a couple (WTF?) cuz they won’t take ‘no thanks’ for an answer. Dudes act like one date with what I consider an average conversation means they got a shot! NOPE. Back the eff up.

    Now I ain’t taking time out of my busy life or away from my sons to spend with somebody I don’t know, don’t want to be with, and don’t want a damn thing from.

  • Sakeenah

    So many guys have that needy look in their eye, wondering if you’re attracted to them. They make prolonged eye contact & it’s annoying. If I was interested, you’d know. I don’t date, either. I’m tired of the silly game. If I see someone I’m attracted to I may send out signals. Other than that I fulfill my affection needs through lots of social activity and volunteer work. Feeding the sick can really make you happy

  • januari

    see..I think dating sucks because not all of us are out to play games…I say what I mean and mean what I say…if I want you to buy me things I will ask…why front…only problem is that since men are so use to women who do play games when they come across the one in one million who is sincere..they treat her like the rest…

    I’ve decided it is eaiser to date myself…I already know what I like to do, what I like to hear and how to make my own toes curl…plus we usually date in hopes of finding someone to spend or start a family with… I can get a sperm donor when I’m ready for kids…


  • lovnlife

    I don’t think anybody ‘likes’ dating. It’s necessary tho.
    I’m not sure if it’s a game moreso than just putting your best foot forward; showing your best attributes.

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