2013 Winter TV Premieres

December 26, 2012


I am NOT a fan of “Mid season Finales” for my TV shows … but at least the Winter brings some of my shows back, it also brings some new shows!
Without Football to keep me company, I need some TV to keep me company during the cold months, so as usual here are the shows I will be watching or Tivoing
Take a look, let me know what you think:

Coming in January …



9:00 90210 (CW)

Yes I still watch it … stop judging! Something is still appealing, most notably Anna Lynne McCord


9:00 Dallas (TNT)

With JR really dead now, this show may be a struggle to keep up with, I’m going to give it a shot though

10:00 Scandal (ABC)

Cannot wait for January 10 to come … we have to see what happens next; best show on the big 4 networks

10:00 Deception (NBC) – NEW
When Vivian Bowers, a famous socialite, is found dead from what appears to be an overdose, her best friend, Detective Joanna Locasto, is re-embraced by the wealthy Bowers family and in time she begins to uncover the truth of what really happened with her friend’s death.

Can this be a new Scandal? Seems more like a new Revenge … either way Meagan Good is fine and Ima give it a shot




8:00 The Taste (ABC) – NEW
“The Taste” puts 16 culinary competitors — pro chefs to home cooks — to the fire when four of the world’s most notable masters of the food world judge their creations based on a blind taste test. In this pressure-packed contest, the taste in a single spoonful can catapult a contender to the top or send him packing.
I’m a sucker for Cooking shows, I’ll take a look

10:00 White Collar (USA)
Neil is one of the coolest characters on TV today, he and Mozzie keeps me coming back, Tiffany Amber isn’t so bad either.

10:00 Second Generation Wayans (BET) – NEW
Second Generation Wayans is a hilarious, new, scripted family comedy. However, as it turns out, being a Wayans isn’t all fun and games. Viewers see the good, the funny and the ugly as the young trio emerges from the long shadows of their aunts and uncles to carve out their own paths to stardom.
It’s on BET so it might be terrible, but I’ll give the Wayans and Big Head Juniors’ (And Tatyana Ali) a chance

10:00 Cougar Town (TBS)

New network, new time … hopefully new freedom, it appears the show is about a group of adults who drink wine, but it’s still fun and Court Cox can still get it



8:00 American Idol (FOX)

Reality Show rule is in effect here … watch the Auditions, see if there are any attractive women that make it through, watch until they are eliminate … watch for Minaj and Carey breasts as well.

10:00 The Americans (FX) – NEW
A group of Soviet KGB officers have been trained to impersonate American citizens, so that each one can become a sleeper agent, with a cover which may even include an unwitting spouse and family.
This could be a hidden gem, in the vein of Homeland … plus it has Felicity


10:00 Washington Heights (MTV) – NEW
“Washington Heights,” MTV’s gritty new reality show has already been described as a cross between other MTV staples like “Shore” and “The Hills.” It follows a group of real-life friends living in the humble, close-knit uptown neighborhood and features nine New Yorkers in their early 20s chasing their dreams — in fashion, music, poetry and acting, among others — while dealing with life’s harsh realities.
It’s not Jersey Shore but I’m watching and there’s some eye candy so …




9:00 Anger Management (FX)
I enjoyed the first season as a something to have on show … not appointment television at all … I’ll keep it going unless it gets dreadful

9:00 Project Runway Season 11 (LIFE)
Guilty pleasure … love the creativity and the drama … and the models are always sexy; they need to bring Models of the runway back!

10:00 Archer (FX)
One of the greatest shows on television! The entire cast is perfect … Pam is Hilarious; Archer is Hilarious and Lana … just. Yes.


10:00 Suits (USA)

Love Suits, it should get way more props that it does … it may come on too late or the wrong channel, either way; dope show and I can’t wait to see what happens (Plus freckle face Rachel is hot)

10:00 King of Nerds (TBS) – NEW
The series follows eleven contestants as they complete various tasks in order to win the grand prize of $100,000 and to be crowned the greatest nerd of them all
I like nerds … Ima see

10:00 Do No Harm (NBC) – NEW

A successful neurosurgeon with a secret. At the same time every night, something inside of him alters him in almost unrecognizable ways, leading to a dangerous alternate personality named Ian Price. The show is a modern take on the classic Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde story.
This could be a winner … I’ll watch until it becomes unbearable



10:00 House of Lies
If you haven’t seen the first season of this show … get on it immediately! It’s hilarious! PLUS This season Larenz Tate AND Nia Long joins the cast!!!


Coming in February: Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Psych

Am I missing anything?

What are you going to watch/Looking forward to?

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  • Hailey

    I know exactly how you feel about “Mid season Finales!” I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for some of my old favorites to return as well. I am excited about some of the new shows coming out of this year though, and out of what you mentioned I’m most looking forward to The Americans, Do No Harm and King of Nerds. I will most likely be watching everything on your list, especially since I just upgraded to a DISH Hopper. Now I have 2,000 hours of entertainment I can store, so I’ll have plenty of room to record everything on this list and then some! 🙂

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