Favorite Comic Book character masks

March 29, 2013


I love Superheros and comic book characters, the biggest appeal for me wasn’t the powers, it was the secret identites, the alter egos and for some of them they used masks to hide their identities … in these days the books and the movies dont give a damn about secret identties so I figured let me do a list of my favorite masks in Comic Books … I didn’t include helmets or hoods, only removable masks

Special shoutouts to these masks, which are some of the best …




Cowls count! Its real basic though, and he has ears lol But it’s iconic; I mean its better than Daredevil (his horns are too small) the sihlouette alone is gets it on my list. What is it made of though? Seems like an asspain to put on.



Speaking of ass pain, Hawkman the most useless core member of the JLA but we’re talking masks here … his is pretty decked out, gotta love the beak
Odd he wears the mask … outside of tradition because no one cares about his identity



Wolverine’s mask is pretty dope, I always liked the eye detail, and that it seemed like an actual mask, where he’d take it off or wear it half way … and I suppose its a mask/hoodie unless there’s some mutant Velcro on the back.



Katana’s new mask is a surprise addition here, but I put it on here because of its originality … and its a female, the Japanese symbol and its emotionless kubki nod makes it dope to me.



How could Deadpool not be on here? Something about the mask just fits, I also like how sometimes it’s all the way on, other times it looks like a sock on top of his head, basic colors but again the eye detail rocks.



This mask I almost didnt include because … depending it looks like ass lol ole diarrhea face’s mask is cool because I cannot explain it lol



Spawn’s mask reminds me of a cool ass wrestler (not Suicide from TNA either) the mask is way better than the character himself the colors and the eye shape makes it rock.



I still hate that the Ultimate version of Hawkeye has abandoned the mask, I love this mask! he has the wolverine style detail, the “H” on the top, the colors are nice … I mean he’s rockin purple with pride!

Doctor Doom


Metal face Doom! How can you not enjoy a man who has a metal mask, and the mask is fused to his face? He’s very industrial this guy.

Spider Man


This guy is the standard the flagship, the icon … the detail of the mask, the eye variants … the color what else can you ask for
you can look at all the different versions, look at carnage, look at venom … might not be my favorite character (especially in the movies) but the mask is the bee’s knees and the spiders ACLs

Which is your favorite?

Who has the best on this list?

See you in the comments

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  • http://www.facebook.com/cold.slither.3 Cold Slither

    Great line-up!
    Spidey mask FTW! You don’t have Deadpool nor Spawn masks without Spider-man first!
    Rorschach’s mask was excellent in the Watchmen movie b/c the ink blots actually moved and flowed like a screensaver. Mesmerizing.

  • Adam Black

    You are right Spider-man’s mask is the flag bearer for cool masks. Good addition for Katana. I disagree about Hawkman being the most useless member of the JLA–what about Snapper Carr!?!

  • Lamar The Revenger

    I dislike when they minimize Wolvie’s sides on his mask. (and the 80s costume was the bomb) Katan’s Mask is great! glad she got recgonition. Sunfire’s Age Of Apocalypse mask was similar to hers. Great post man!

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