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Geek Royal Rumble

January 22, 2016

Because I miss Underscoop Fire’s 80s Pop Culture Character Royal Rumble I decided to put 30 characters together on screen … and the order that they will enter the event, you tell me; who comes out on top? Like this:Like Loading...

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iThink: You too Grandma

January 20, 2015

It’s been a random thoughts minute … Every site (including this one) is doing lists … I’m kind of tired of them, but what else is there to post? Oh … some of this! Ohio State *ahem* THE Ohio State University won the National Championship (handily) … they are better than you and your face.…

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Favorite Comic Book character masks

March 29, 2013

I love Superheros and comic book characters, the biggest appeal for me wasn’t the powers, it was the secret identites, the alter egos and for some of them they used masks to hide their identities … in these days the books and the movies dont give a damn about secret identties so I figured let…

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iThink: Grubby Caramel Corn

May 21, 2012

Hey it’s random thoughts time … so ima start typing Weekend was uneventful … but I’d rather that than a host of awful events I’m done with Breaking Bad and Mad Men back episodes … even caught up on Revenge … any TV suggestions?? Pecan pie is everything The Highest rated show is still the…

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