Podcast: EDP106 – Bruce Wayne and the Batcave Murders w/ @lehall504

March 23, 2014

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If you’ve never heard it, it’s new to you … if you have; it’s been a while

How did Bruce Wayne design, create, and construct the Batcave alone? How did he put all of the Technology and Intricate details into that gigantic lair alone?
He had to have construction workers right? … were they trusted to keep the secret? Of course not! They had to die! lol
This week Leonce Hall (@lehall504) joins the eclectik discussion podcast #EDP we’ll discuss the Dark Knight, the logistics behind the batcave as well as his villains, his world famous Sidekick the Boy Wonder and much more!

The Fifth and the Top 5 segments are back as well, fun to be had by all, give it a listen, comment, Facebook it, Retweet it … enjoy

The First Day of School, looking back on what I use to do the day before and the first day of grade school

Bruce Wayne, the construction of the batcave and the subsequent murders lol … I’m breaking down how this could’ve possibly happened

Special Guest @lehall504 – Bruce Wayne, did he kill all of the Blue Collar workers in Gotham? Top Villains NOT named Joker, What’s with Robin? Arkham City Video Game, and a ton more concerning The Dark Knight

Leonce Hall vs. The Fifth – Featuring an F, Marry, Kill

My Top 5 and The Outro – This episode’s Top 5: Top 5 Sports Video Games

Why the show is random – Here are some of the things mentioned on today’s show

Bally Sneakers, Sickles, Hip Sway, Lazy Susans, Hollywood Shuffle, Enemas, Bo Jackson, Lazarus Pits, Birmingham Alabama, Saints Suspension, Grambling State University, Popeye’s Chicken, Stoney Jackson, Fruit Booty, Nipples

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