Your child is overrated

September 6, 2012

People love them some children…and I don’t blame them; they are cool…little ass people don’t know anything
You can watch them learn…grow become adults
See them live through things that you did…show them (least try to) the right way of doing things…let them make their own mistakes
Even correct some mistakes you may have made

That all kicks ass

but what no one will ever say out loud (cept me) is…

Children are overrated.

While the above is all true about how cool kids are etc. etc. They are also a hassle…with little to no reward.

Most people that have had children at a young age prolly wish they didn’t

NEVER saying that they wish their child wasn’t there or born…NO they are a precious gift

BUT had they had their druthers…maybe they wouldn’t have had sex with that person…maybe they would’ve used extra protection
…maybe they woulda been somewhere else that day.

Love them to pieces…but had they never been born…hey; maybe not such a bad thing.

  • Having to deal with the other half
  • The Financials
  • Being unselfish
  • Time commitment
  • The lifestyle changes
  • The EXTRA responsibility

Being responsible…solely responsible for another whole ass life? whoa.

Not saying never…but maybe just no child then at the time…but when is there ever a good/right time?
Shiddd I guess when you can afford it and you meet someone you’re pretty sure you’ll stay with so they can help and not be an asshole.

However I WILL say on one hand…I always thought that people that had children at a younger age was cooler/smarter/more gooder than those that wait


  • You get it out the way
  • Grand mommy and Granddad are there to help
  • You kinda grow up with the child

Cept that…

  • Most aren’t ready
  • Your evolution as an adult is stifled
  • School and goals are put on hold or not realized at all
  • You may become bitter of the things you missed out on

Well unless your child is THIS cool lol

I dunno it’s a give and take.

Would my life be incomplete if I never had a child or got married? HELL no

People say “Don’t you want to have your legacy live on? The eclectik name?”
I say … nope. I’m gone! Who cares about my name? I don’t, who is it helping?
And what if my child grows up to be an asshole? A murderer! Worse … A Steelers fan!!!?!???

I have other things and goals and stuff and stuff I can do …my happiness is not tied to those two things soley

And why do people at work announce when they have a child? Who cares?
And Why is length the standard measure at birth? Who cares how long your sharp head baby was?
And stop posting all these pictures of your kids, maybe they don’t want their face all over the place, share them with your friends and fam privately
… they really dont want to tell you “okay, we got it, you have a child” lol
And stop dressing your child up ironically or for fun, they dont want to look like that lol

That’s what people have children for

  • They don’t do it to keep life going
  • They don’t believe the children are the future lol
  • They do it to play human dress up! These kids are living toys
  • Dress up, take pictures, show off, make them do things you dont want to do, yell at them lol
  • They are Life-Model Decoys! lol

Man F yo kids!

Okay, lemme be nice

Your kids aren’t overrated lol
We have to have kids around … we have to teach them though, raise them right
Gotta sustain the future and stuff I’m just having fun typing … but there’s a little truth in everything I type lol

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  • Msdailey

    I have a child and I tell my childless friends this all the time! And if you have one why in all th world would you have another??!!

    • eclectik

      HILARIOUS! lol Thank you for taking that post for what it was

  • Fogs’ Movie Reviews

    😀 Thats some good shit E.

    Here’s what I say to anyone who asks “Dont you want your genes/name/legacy” to live on?

    Once you’re gone, you’re gone.

    Your child would know your parents, because they are grandma and grandpa they are real people who they will meet in their lives. But odds are, they wont know YOUR grandparents, their great grandparents, because that would be the first generation they WONT meet. They wouldnt be people they actually met.

    That would be the first opportunity to prove the “Out of site out of mind/once you’re gone you’re gone” theory.

    You have 8 Great Grandparents. How many of them can you name? Their full first and last name? And for women… can you name any of their maiden names?

    LOL. I’m willing to bet most people go 0 for 8.

    • eclectik

      I appreciate that comment, it hard for the brainwashed to understand that lol

  • lucy

    I am 23 with a 3 month old son. I used to think all the people that said they never wanted kids were selfish. That is until I had one myself and totally understand their stance on not wanting any. But He is adorable, and I am banking on him making me rich someday; He is 99th percentile in height for a 3month old and his father is 6’4, He’s gonna put me in a nice cozy mansion with all of that pro ball nba money he will be making. lol.

  • Renita

    LMFAO!!! Who cares how long your sharp head baby was? I’ll tell you who – Nobody!

    This cracks me up and I’m guilty of posting pics of my baby but he has sooo much personality and I literally cannot help myself. I think I have done so much damage recently talking people OUT of having babies for the reasons you stated and some more shit. I have a friend who if he and his wife can’t make a baby then they’re moving to the city and getting a Range Rover. I mean who wouldn’t take that sweet ass deal? If you’re childless, do you self a favor move to the city and get a Range.

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