Like v. Love

June 29, 2012

People place a lot of emphasis on being in love…falling in love, etc.

They forget about “Like” Like is a muhfuka!

I’m not saying it’s more important or powerful than love…but it could be.

Remember in school …”Do you like me? Check yes or Check no?”


Love is big, but Love is fluid…no real definition, means different things to different people


To really truly LIKE somebody…That’ll keep you together

THAT’S why personality is SUPPOSED to be more important than looks…cuz you usually LIKE a person based off of how they interact/things in common etc. …go off of looks; while not quite love (lust) when it’s gone or you get too use to it…or when someone sexier comes a long you lose it for them.

When you LIKE them and their personality…you typically stay with them, because why would you leave?

(But personality isn’t king these days…trust I know lol)

You know how people break up but love each other so they always have a connection? They don’t really mess with each other
…they might be there for each other cuz of the love and history, but that’s about it

When you LIKE each other you may still hang out from time to time

You can Love someone and have sex with them
When you LIKE someone you want them to still be around when you’re done.

And I thought you were supposed to have sex when you LOVE someone…that doesn’t happen…it’s when you LIKE them a lot (or a little)

You Love family members, but dread the holidays because you don’t really LIKE being around those muhfukas

You can Love your best friend, because you been down for so long, etc.
But you might not LIKE them and their ways so you don’t even F with them like that

If they’re having problems, need to talk, etc. you Love them, you’re there
But you’re not hanging out, lending money; bring them around your peoples because you don’t really LIKE them like that

Love is the popular word…has its own symbol (Heart) you can shorten it and make it hip (luv) they have ‘love songs’
…there’s no ‘like songs’ so I could be wrong

But you don’t take like for granted….you just don’t throw out “like”
People through out “love” like nobody’s business

And when you don’t love a person anymore, typically you don’t LIKE them anymore…and as mentioned before you can not LIKE someone but still love them


See? See how deep I just came right there? (Or…see how much Bull I just typed? lmao)

Whatever, you LIKED it lol


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  • Benjamin

    Great post E, really needed to read something like this right now. #Appreciation

  • Dave

    That’s the SAME BS I’ve been saying!

    Gotta keep at it.

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