October 14, 2006


Open Minded…Superficial…Fake…

Who’s more? Men or women?

Everyone has their own preferences. A lot of us would like to have others think that we care more about a persons ‘person’ more so than their appearance, but more times than not it’s untrue.

Now I did a whole blog post on how Myspace leads people to be a tad superficial meaning you may only stop on someones page because of their face/picture
(THAT’S why I had put my picture is only in the gallery…aint nobody stopping to see my ass lmao)
…anyway, bottom line some people, better; most people are on that bullshit

Who’s more Superfical? Men or Women? Who’s more Open Minded? Who’s a big Fakey Fakerton?

This is what I know:

A Young man could go to Burger King, and see the most beautiful woman working there, completely decked out in her polyester finest…maybe some fry grease stains on her pants…she may even have the paper crown on, and he’d try to get her number…try and give her his…SOMETHING. He’s taken by her beauty. (Or ass or some derivative)
A young woman could go into Burger King and see a guy that she thinks is sexy as hell working behind the counter…no, he could be in shirt and tie with the manager tag on, if he tried to spit ANY type of game, he’d get shut down like trying to open a GoGo in Brooklyn.

…with the quickness!

Now, is the guy that tried to talk to the woman that worked at Burger King Superficial because he was attracted to her physically and knows nothing about her?

Would that make the guy open minded because he didn’t care about where the woman worked?
What about the woman that shut down the Manager? Is she Closed minded because she wouldn’t give dude a chance because he worked at the King?
Is she superficial to think he can’t offer her anything because of his job?

How important is personality?

What’s the good ratio? From 100%  Looks to Personality?
In most cases 50-50 is a good balance, but will anyone go for that?

Iiiiiiii Think

Women would say 50-50 or maybe 60-40 but their actions are 75-25
Men would say 80-20 when their boys are around but ask him later he’d probably say 60-40 or 50-50


Iiiiiiii say this:

Women (not all, but some) would say “I like a gangster ass ni66a, I want a thug…he gotta be blah” so the personality that most would SAY they want doesn’t factor in a lot
This thug don’t have a career, his own place, benefits, romantic, etc…he’s a BET baby
(And NOT of the Donnie Simpson Angela Stribbling mold either)
So as long as he’s sexy he get’s the play

What about men? They like the ass, and breasts, and chicks with full lips (hi 🙂 )



Never do you hear a man SAY they WANT to be with a chicken head…they’ll TREAT a woman like a chicken head (Dunno why you let ‘em)
Never do you hear them say they WANT to be with some loud ass ghetto ass chick
You may hear them say they want a ‘Ride or die chick’
But what is that really?

A chick that’s down for him through whatever?
A chick that rolls with him and understands him?

…hey maybe even transport his drugs and would bust a gun for him
(Even sounded dumb typing it)
Aren’t those more or less personality traits over how sexy she is?
You hear women say: “Why is he with her? She ugly” “Look at her face” “It’s only cuz she has a big ass” (Hi Buffie)


The thing is; men can pick out a part on a woman that he likes true; and it may never be the face, no. But when she treats him right…don’t give him the extra drama, this that and the third he rolls with her.
Personality….over looks…maybe not by much, but over looks nonetheless

I think.

Who’s more of a hypocrite? Men or Women?
Men? What are they hypocritical about?
They’ll say they like a woman because of her ass or breasts…and will admit to being that kind of ‘man’
They’ll say that they only want to smash in some cases…crass but honest.
I honestly don’t know what about men are hypocritical I ask the female readers for those answers…cuz I know we men are …and I know you women will let me know.
I’d almost say I could be…I say I value personality and this and that, then type ‘hips like Serena, ass like Mya’ LOL


Let the records show that I have way more blog posts describing a woman’s personality and actions than their looks.

Women? I dunno,

I may need a whole ‘nother post of this…I gotta get back to work. always up for discussion on the MESSAGEBOARD

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  • Virgo

    Well well well what can I say. Its abvious that your brain has some serious points that it wants the world to know or take a moment to think about. I give you made kudos for that. I didn’t know you were that open minded. But it is a good thing that you are. Keep it up.

    Love Virgo

    P.S Thanks for coming up with my name

  • Darbs

    You have covered A LOT of different bases…I agree with the majority of what you are saying…but there are ALWAYS exceptions to the rules. Personally, I’m into personality over looks…HOWEVER…there has to be some kind of physical attraction present. But what I deem as being physically attractive may or may not be the same for someone else. As for the job thing….I respect any man who is doing what it is that he loves, is passionate about and what makes him happy…happiness, in my opinion, equals success (and I don’t necessarily/only mean financially).

  • Barbie

    My blurb about Serena ….I am always impressed and amazed when I see a fit woman….young or old….I think it shows a dedication and strict discipline that has to be maintained in order to carve your body….it’s also your mind that has to be toned…so to speak….I know that tennis has helped with her endurance and all….however, she does workout with weights to keep her body strong for the court…..and the benefit from working out is that fabulous shape…..which I think is within anyone’s reach…who has the determination to fulfill it……truthfully this is all fine now….but, what will Serena look like years from now married and after 10 kids….(just a hypothetical of course)…..I do work out myself….I have 3 kids…and people who see me think I am about 20 years younger….(not bad eh!)….however, what they don’t realize is that…It was hard to get back in shape, after child and that I had to sacrifice a lot and still do to maintain my fitness….yes, I do fall off the wagon now and than….but, who doesn’t …after all we are only human……I have a lot of fit pictures of athletes on my wall to keep me focused….also have one of Serena……I am most proud of the fact that Serena is a positive black role model for all of us. Some people think….that going to fast food restaurants and the like is not going to affect them negatively which could lead them into living unhealthy lives…..wake up America……some of you have your head buried in the sand…..come out and smell the coffee….(of course without the sugar and cream……substitute the cream with soy milk…..PEACE …..Barbie

  • Heather

    I always say, “attract me with your beauty, keep me with your mind.” You gotta have both for me. Non-negotiable….beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    For the record though, “gangsta” doesn’t mean that you aren’t about ish though. It just might be the “gangsta” swagger that she is attracted to. Moving from AZ to DC, I learned not to judge a book by its cover. There are plenty of men in the metro area – or N.Y., Philly, etc – that know how to flip it. You would never know that they were doing their business thing Monday thru Friday just by looking at them. You get a lot for assuming nowadays.

    And I’ve always said that just because you aren’t the one that doesn’t like to wear his hat to the side, talks a little ‘slang’, and might prefer his lady with a little booty or breasts doesn’t make him less of a deserving person than a nice man.

    At the end of the day, I still want to be able to roll over and look at you.

    To each his own

  • tjeanise

    Very interesting topic.

    I don’t think you can generalize the topics by gender, it depends on the person. Some people are more about the physical than the personality. Vice Versa.

    My preference is tall, brown skinned and football player thick- yet I have been attracted to men just the opposite of this because of their personality.

  • Book

    as for me. (the burgerking situation) .. I would say that the guy trying to holla at the girl behind the counter is open minded … why? because usually when u are tryin to holla u dont know much about that person its like “say girl come here” (thats how da dudes in N.O do)

    see me, Im open minded so i know … I’ve never actually tried to holla at a female .. im not good with stuff like that .. I’d rather be introduced to someone and get to know them before i’d want to holla.

    Great post.

  • Keli

    I am superficial to a degree. I like what I like, but ultimately it is the ‘person’ that keeps my interested.

    I would not just cut down the guy at the burger king, my homeboy put himself through college by working as a manager at wendy’s, you just never know. But I would not go out with him on a date either because I don’t date…I make friends and we go from there.

  • DivineLavender


    I would venture to say that both a super-fishal just about different things. Men are super-fishal about appearance. Women seem to be super-fishal about money and status-security. So my view is we are are guilty of being super-fishal about something. I wonder when we grown out of judging people ….attractive women with the body and silky straight hair as a woman to go afther. I wonder when women understand that the money that the man earns is his money to earn…bottom line it is his money.

    …still thinking.

  • http://http// jerzeygyrl

    I know that I’m superficial. if I work hard for mine then I expect my man to be on my level or above me. With looks to personality… I’d say 40 to 60 ok. A man can be o.k. but be successful, carry hisself well, and have a wonderful personality… that’s an A in my book. I won’t go any lower than that. Fine, sexy, handsome… I’ll definitely take that. Straight up ugly… no.

    I dated guys in the past who were considered fine/sexy that were either unmotivated, unmannered, or had a terrible personality. That changed my views drastically.

    Do I feel like I’m settling for less? No. Its more of a compromise. I’ll take personality, motivation, and mannerisms over looks ANYDAY. (as long as it doesn’t go under 40 percent!)

    In my opinion…
    Superficial w/ looks: men
    Superficial w/ career/financial: women
    Who’s more of a hypocrite? I think everybody has a little bit of it in them (yeah, Y.O., I picked both! Kick rocks… lol!)

  • Meg

    I just want to through in a few facts about the men and their ugly women. Ugly women have low self-eestem and they are easier to cheat on. An ugly women feels like she cann’t get anybody else. A good looking women will just say, “who’s next”. The ugly women might be a “ride or die chick” but only because they don’t want their men to leave them. Self worth could be based upon the man a woman has in her life. Most women feel more confident when they have a good looking man by their side even if they aren’t worth two pennies. Pretty women only put up with ugly men when they just have become to comfortable in a relationship, or they feel like they have invested to much time into a relationship.
    The good looking women just are screwed either way. The ugly men usually have money, so women are pushing everybody over just to touch them. The good looking men know their good looking and usually don’t have a dime to their name because they are still living with mama, or they are living off another women. And for the men that are good looking and have money, well their was some girl back in JR HIGH who told him he wasn’t going no where!!!

  • Sakeenah

    Men and women look for different things in mates, it comes down to perpetuation of the species. Men go after beauty because that spells good genes thus the survival of his seed long after he’s gone. So, of course he’d ask a girl working at Burger King for her number, her income doesn’t matter, it doesn’t impact her child bearing abilities. On the other hand, women look for a man who can support the family as she will be too busy breeding and raising kids to also try to hold down the mortgage. Thus, women are hard wired to look for wealthy men because this means he is a good provider, our kids will never go hungry and will always have a roof. In this modern world women have to work and tend to the kids at the same time, but, biologically , men and women have their roles.

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