And so they say ….

October 30, 2013

I’ve been told …

My personality is a mixture of:

* Dave Chappelle
* Sean Combs
* Monk
* House
* Seinfeld
* Marcus Graham in Boomerang (Peace to Lady E)

I’m boring

My memory is crazy

I am a big flirt

I’m a homebody

The Dime lines make women wet

I hate people

I am brutally honest

I have a nice voice

I’m too nonchalant

I’m Quirky

A Neat Freak

I know more about Hip Hop and R&B than most

My Place is decorated way more gooder/different than your typical single guy

I’m an Introverted Extrovert

I hate people yet I’m a people person, and people like me when they get to know me
…if I let them get to know me

I have nice eyes and eyelashes and eyebrows

I remember the most odd and random old school things

The weirdest and/or smallest things annoy me

My Style would be called: “Hip Hop Grown Up”

Or a Mixture of:

* Jay Z
* Sean Combs
* Russell Simmons
… and Someone who doesn’t care

I’m in tune to what a woman wants and likes

There’s no way anyone else could survive with my eating habits

Somehow I manage to get away with saying stuff others cannot

My bedroom is sexy

I treat the people I’m with great

I’ma loner

I’m the most random person ever

Only I would pick the attributes and parts of women to lust after (Areolas, calves, backs, shoulders)

I’m too nonchalant

People cannot “figure me out”
(…I say stop trying)

I’m too analytic

I am single because I’m:

* Too picky
* By choice
* My expectations are too high
* I’m looking for a Sexy homebody and those don’t exist

I can be an asshole to people until they know me

I’m a freak

I’m stubborn

I’m eclectic

….and you know what?

They are prolly right….I’ll take those.

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  • http://None Tricia

    All always it sounds like you are describing me.

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